This is how Karen Wazen gets ready for the Dior S/S23 show in Paris

Karen Wazen is a force to be reckoned with. The entrepreneurial influencer boasts a following of 7.7 million and has founded her own eyewear company, while also being an Executive Board Member of Fashion Trust Arabia. For the unfamiliar, Wazen regularly appears on the front row at fashion week and has been known to make a red carpet appearance (or two) at The Cannes Film Festival. Karen Wazen is truly a fashion industry insider, in every sense of the word.


Ahead of Dior’s Spring/Summer 2023 runway show—which took place in Paris yesterday—we asked Wazen about her love of the French fashion house and her fashion week beauty routine. Keep scrolling for all her insights.

Can talk us through your outfit for the S/S23 Dior show? How did you choose your look?

The look I chose to wear to the Dior show was a full leather bold look from the AW22-23 collection. I remember seeing this look on the runway at the time and I felt it really embodied the strong powerful woman. I was waiting for the right occasion to wear it, and where better than to a Dior show!

What do you love about Dior as a brand?

To me, Dior is a brand that reflects women of strength and elegance, simultaneously. I remember playing around with my mom’s Dior handbags as a child, and today I feel honoured to work so closely with a house that holds so much heritage and value to the modern woman.

What is your fashion week beauty routine?

During fashion week, I tend to expose my skin to more make-up than usual. This is why it is also a time I make sure to take care of my skin with the right beauty and skincare products. Making sure that I moisturise often is very important for me. I also apply masks and eye patches to my skin every other day to make sure I am hydrating properly.

What are your top 3 beauty must-haves when prepping for Paris Fashion Week?

I always make sure to pack my skincare products with me, I am currently using the Orchidee Imperiale range from Guerlain. I love a nice eyeshadow palette that has a range of colours that are easy to use for everyday looks and also for a more glammed-up look.  The Dior palette works perfectly;  it’s compact yet has all the perfect colours that work for different make-up looks. The shimmery shadows could also be used as a highlighter, and the tones of brown could even be used on the lips.

With the change of weather, from Dubai to Paris, my lips tend to get dry which is why I always carry a lip balm around with me. The Guerlain kiss kiss honey glow is perfect for keeping lips hydrated while giving it the right amount of glow.

What do you always carry in your handbag throughout fashion week?

I always have a portable charger with me, I use my phone very often during fashion week between filming content, editing the content, and of course for emails and staying connected. My lip balm, adds a little glow when my lipstick fades out. And sunglasses! I am the founder of an eyewear brand, I have always been very passionate about sunglasses. I believe sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add an element of style to a look, and when better than fashion week to ensure your style is always on point.

Keep scrolling for a behind-the-scenes look at Karen Wazen prepping for the Dior S/S23 show:

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