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  • Until next year…

    The sun is shining, the temperatures are soaring, and now there is a supermoon to add to the list. Tonight, the last supermoon of the year will grace the skies, and it is not one to miss.

    If you missed the first supermoon of the summer last month, then you won’t want to miss the final one tonight.

    When is the full moon in August?

    Technically, the moon will be at it’s fullest point on Friday 12th August at 2:36 am. But, the moon already looked pretty full (and beautiful) during the sunset last night and will appear full this evening. So get ready to catch a glimpse of it tonight.

    How often does a full moon occur?

    Following the moon cycle, a full moon occurs every 29.5 days. It naturally occurs when the Earth is directly aligned between the Sun and the Moon.

    What makes it a supermoon?

    A supermoon occurs when the moon is at the closest point to the Earth while along its orbit. The moon itself doesn’t actually grow any bigger. Instead, when a supermoon rises it creates an illusion that makes everything surrounding it look smaller, making the moon look much bigger in comparison.

    So when the moon is in the middle of the sky (and not a supermoon) there are no everyday objects, or skyscrapers to compare it to, so it looks like a regular sized moon.

    Why is it called the Sturgeon Moon?

    Every moon has a different name based on ancient tradition, and each month they are more fascinating (remember the story behind the buck moon last month?)

    The August full moon, the Sturgeon moon is named so because apparently, the Algonquin tribes would wish for sturgeons during August. 

    As you may know, back in the day it was the moon over an iPhone calendar so times in the season would give a name to the moon and time of the month. Naturally, it also has the name Grain moon to mark the start of the harvest season. 

    What does the Sturgeon Moon affect?

    Did you know? The term “lunatic” actually comes from the Latin meaning for the moon, stemming from the ancient belief that the full moon causes insanity.

    While insanity certainly isn’t what we are hoping for, full moons are said to be a great time of release.

    Astrologically, it is Leo season, which means the full moon lands in the sign of Aquarius tonight. 

    If you’re into meditation, then now is the perfect time to reflect on what you’re aiming for in life and how you will get there, not forgetting to express gratitude for the month past. 

    It can also be the perfect excuse for setting aside some “me-time” for self-care.

    When is the next full moon?

    10th September, just after mercury retrograde (eek).

    Happy Supermoon gazing.

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