These Affordable Zara Items Stole My Heart—Shop Them All

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to shopping, my price point is nowhere near the ready-to-wear range. As a fashion editor, a girl can dream about burying herself in Bottega Veneta coats and Khaite tops, but when it comes to actually buying into the brands I love, my dollar only stretches so far. I often opt to buy into luxury houses via their lower-priced offerings like small leather goods and accessories, but sometimes, I’m salivating for a runway-ready look straight from the rack. Surprisingly, that’s where Zara comes in. 

The Spanish retailer has a bevy of trend-forward styles reflecting what major design houses are putting out every season— oftentimes more wearable and much less expensive. While the elements and luxurious, heavy feel of the fabrics may not be exactly the same, Zara’s affordable price point means it’s much easier to curate a thoughtful aesthetic based on your personal style. Naturally, the most conscious thing to do is to be thoughtful of your spending habits, so it’s important that you use each piece of clothing you buy, whether it be from Zara or another affordable retailer, as often as possible. That shouldn’t be a problem with these picks given how elevated and timeless they feel. Besides, who doesn’t want to look like the epitome of luxury all the time?

Ahead are 32 items from Zara I instantly bookmarked thanks to how expensive they look while keeping my wallet happy. Honestly, I’m shocked they’re not sold out yet. Shop them all, below. 

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