These 6 “Ugly” Trends Are Blowing Up for Fall

There’s an endless variety of styles in the sartorial world, but to make things simpler, the internet describes fashion on two opposing ends. On one hand, you have ’90s minimalism, The Row, and Matilda Djerf. And on the other hand, you have Y2K maximalism, Bluemarine, and Bella Hadid. (Can you tell by that description that I spend too much time online?) And while we often talk about the easy and minimalist side of the market, there’s nothing like a good controversial trend to shake things up. Despite everyone’s thoughts on these “ugly” pieces, there’s no doubt they’re taking part in the defining look of the era.

The pendulum of fashion will continue to swing, but a large majority of consumers are still opting for things out of the ordinary and “campy.” Some of the trends below may not be your cup of tea at first, but that’s the whole point. You might even end up surprised by how often you may gravitate toward them once you add them to your closet. Dare to step away from the safe side? Keep scrolling to do so.

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