These 5 “Outdated” Trends Have Officially Made a Comeback

Despite the fashion cycle moving at a rapid speed, there are still a few trends I did expect to see on my 2023 bingo card. Honestly, I should’ve got rid of any expectations once low-rise jeans made their way back with the Y2K resurgence. After that, the door to what’s trending seems to have remained wide open. As a fashion editor, I’ve been constantly on my toes waiting for what’s next because this year, everything is fair game. Don’t be alarmed, because I took note of the dated trends that designers have brought back and the modern-day iterations come with stylish updates that might have been missing last time.

Not only did I collect runway evidence for each trend, but I also pulled looks from the fashion set to prove they are more wearable than your first assumption. Because I, too, had many thoughts when I heard peplum tops were spotted at fashion week. Shouldn’t they have stayed in 2010? But once I saw Brandon Maxwell’s sleek iteration of the style and our fellow WWW editor Eliza Huber wearing the nostalgic look, I was on board. 

Ahead, discover what’s old is new again. See the five “outdated” trends that have made a comeback into today’s fashion scene. And as always, you can shop editor-approved finds for each.


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