The next iPad Pro rumored to get huge price hike — would you pay $700 more?

If the price of Apple’s latest iPad Pro already made your eyes water, then you’re unlikely to appreciate news coming from Korean electronics media group The Elec.

A recent report delved into the manufacturing cost of next year’s expected iPad release — covering both the price Apple is likely to pay for its premium OLED displays and how much the resulting iPad Pro will cost consumers on release.

The good news

Apple isn’t skimping out on the rumored OLED panel that’s set to appear in the next wave of iPads. The report claims that, similarly to the most recent lineup, 2024’s iPad Pro models will be available in two sizes 11-inch and 12.9-inch.

Both will be making the switch from mini-LED to premium OLED panels, with the smaller and larger panels costing $270 and $350 to manufacture respectively. That means the panel for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is alone worth more than the base price of 2021’s 9th Gen iPad.

(Image credit: Apple/Future)

The high cost of manufacturing is likely down to the tandem stack technology Apple is reportedly planning to make use of. Tandem stack, as the name implies, uses two emission layers (as opposed to a traditional single OLED layer), which doubles the brightness of the display and can quadruple its lifespan.

They also draw about 30% less power than traditional OLED panels, which suits Apple’s energy-efficient approach to tech nicely.

The result is a brighter, more colorful, battery-friendly, and long-lasting display. It’ll also be thinner than the mini-LED panel too, which could afford the iPad an even slimmer frame. 

The bad news

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