The Best Scented Candles to Make Your Home Smell Gorgeous

There’s no denying the power of fragrance—we’re all familiar with the way that a certain perfume can transport us to a certain time or place, lift our spirits, or get us in the mood for a night out, but what’s often overlooked is the fact that the same effect can be achieved in the way we scent our space. Whether you want to create an atmosphere of relaxation or refresh the energy of a room, then you truly can’t go wrong with a scented candle. Ideal for bringing ambience to your bedroom, masking lingering odours in your dining room, or creating spa-like vibes in your bathroom, the best candles serve not only to make your home smell amazing, but also to boost your mood—and of course, multitask as decorative features.

For me, arriving home after a long day, washing my face, changing into comfy clothes, and lighting a candle is one of life’s simplest but most enjoyable small pleasures. The right candle at the right time can do anything from helping me to focus when working from home, to getting me in the mood for a deep clean, or creating an atmosphere of calm to relax my mind before sleep. 

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