The 6 Most Popular Nail Colours of 2023

There’s no panic quite like the one you experience when sat in the salon chair with a sea of nail polish colour options before you… Do you stick to your classic favourites? Try something new? Mix and match a few different shades? Or experiment with nail art? The options are endless and sometimes it’s a whole lot easier if someone decides for you.

One way to prepare for your next manicure appointment is to brush up on the most popular nail colours of the year. You can pretty much guarantee that if it’s trending then a) your salon will have the shade available and b) the result will be majorly Instagram-worthy. We’re almost halfway through 2023, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of what the year’s most popular nail colours are so far—and we’ve also called in the experts to find out which nail colours are the most-requested in salons right now.

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