Reformation’s new cashmere collection includes 90% recycled materials

A step in the right direction.

As a brand, Reformation has always kept sustainability at the forefront. After all, they are the label behind the now-infamous slogan, “being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.” Alongside tracking its clothing’s environmental impact and offering its customers a transparent insight into its supply chain, Reformation is now tackling sustainability in the cashmere sector.


According to the brand, the global demand for cashmere has led to goats overgrazing in Mongolia, which has sadly turned what was previously grasslands into barren deserts. This is why Reformation has decided to combat this issue by utilising recycled cashmere instead.

The brand’s new 90/10 collection is comprised of 90% recycled cashmere and 10% virgin cashmere, hence the apt 90/10 name.

Using this 90/10 mix of recycled and virgin cashmere means Reformation can create its collection using 80% less water and 87% less carbon than conventional cashmere collections.  Pretty impressive to say the least.

Of course, the brand is aware that this is not perfect and there is still a way to go, however, this is a big step forward in Reformation’s goal of striving to become a climate-positive company by 2025.

Given the collection is comprised of knit jumpers, cardigans and dresses, this launch could not have come at a better time. As the perfect addition to your autumnal wardrobe, the range features timeless silhouettes like crew neck jumpers and polo tops, interspersed with modern must-haves like cut-out knit dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. There’s even a cashmere skirt thrown in for good measure.

If you’re looking to channel your inner Katie Holmes this autumn, by emulating her viral bradigan moment, Reformation even has that covered. The label has released a crop top and cardigan set which looks very similar to Katie’s original 2019 look.

Thanks to Reformation, you’ll definitely be ready for the impending cosy season.

Shop Reformation’s 90/10 cashmere collection now:

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