‘Red Alert’ Campaign For The Events Industry – Could The US Be Next?

The Events Industry Crisis in the United Kingdom

At the beginning of the pandemic, the events industry was one of the first to shut down. Unfortunately, it will most likely also be one of the last to resume completely normal operations. What does this mean for the one million people employed in the events sector in the UK alone, spanning from musicians and live entertainers to theaters, festivals, venues, and industry events?

In July, the UK government pledged £1.57 billion in funding to help the UK’s cultural industry. Still, those involved directly in the events sector insist more needs to be done for that money to reach the majority of event workers.

“As we enter the deepest recession on record, it’s vital that money is used as stimulus, not aid. It should underwrite productions that employ thousands of freelancers and bring people into cities; it must not be used to mothball the industry. The Prime Minister can save British theatre, but he must act now” –Rebecca Kane Burton, chief executive of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s LW Theatres.

The Red Alert Campaign in the UK

More than 300 venues around the United Kingdom turned their lights red on Tuesday night to support the ‘Red Alert’ campaign. A demonstration took place on Tuesday afternoon, where out-of-work live events industry crew peacefully marched with their road cases to show their growing concern for the events industry.

The Red Alert, or #LightItInRed Campaign, highlights the 1,000,000 highly-skilled events industry professionals who have been without work for the past four months in the UK.

There is little likelihood of the events industry restarting in the United Kingdom until Spring 2021.

Venues and all of those involved in the live events industry, from lighting, graphics, sound, video, rigging, staging to catering, speakers, bands, live performers, and more all took to Twitter with the hashtags #WeMakeEvents and #LightItInRed.

The events industry includes a vast supply chain: ranging from transportation to event planning, production, audio, video, lighting, staging, logistics, and some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. Without additional support, the events industry is in danger of losing its leading position in the United Kingdom.

More importantly, all of the creatives and technicians involved in the events industry could permanently lose their livelihoods.

Unemployment is rising in the Hospitality & Events Industry

At the beginning of 2020, the leisure and hospitality sector, including the live events industry, employed nearly 17 million people. By April, the number of people working in these industries spiked to under 9 million.

The latest recorded number of those in the arts, entertainment, recreation, and live events sectors was 12 million, meaning the industry is begging to recover. Still, only time will tell what this means for those involved in the Hospitality Sector in particular.

Live Event Workers calling for federal relief in the United States

The events industry provides over 5.9 million jobs in the USAThe past few months have been a challenge like no other for those involved in the hospitality industry. In particular, the events sector has seen an unprecedented number of event cancellations in the United States in particular.

The effects of event cancellations are already causing sharp ripples towards other industries, like transportation and hospitality, which rely heavily on the events sector to support their respective sectors.

Those who aren’t in the events industry may be unaware that our industry consists mainly of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and millions of workers and contractors who have already suffered financial losses from which they will never fully recover.

“For us, the end of July is this big cliff that we’re about to fall off unless the government steps up and helps us financially,” one person said.

Five months ago, a petition on change.org called for a COVID-19 Federal Aid Package for the Live Events Industry. Now in August, nearly half a million individuals concerned with or involved in the conventions industry have signed the petition created by Issac Rothwell.

When the Events Industry returns, expect more spectacular shows, vibrant displays than ever before

Once the dust settles from the global shutdown, the desire for everyone to engage with in-person experiences will undoubtedly be more prevalent.

Though virtual meetings have seen an uptick in popularity, video conferences can never truly replace what we experience when attending a live event. By nature, humans love interacting with people and visiting different types of gatherings–and even a global pandemic can’t change that.

Live events provide an unparalleled outlet for networking with potential partners and clients, discovering new ideas, and trying out new technology. Sitting at your desk or couch and watching someone else experience a concert, convention, demonstration, or class on your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer isn’t an experience that can ever truly replicate the excitement and intrigue that comes with attending a live event.

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Almost all organizations have been directly affected by the current world situation. Almost all organizations have been directly affected by the current world situation. Companies are working tirelessly to get computers into the hands of their staff to be able to work remotely from home. By utilizing the right method and supplier, these organizations have options to quickly roll out large quantities of computers to get their staff back working quickly.

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