It’s True—These 6 Shoe Colours Go With Everything

Let’s talk about shoes, shall we? More often than not, they’re the hardest-working item in your wardrobe, commanding more repeat wears than anything else. We change our clothes daily and swap out our accessories, such as bags and jewellery on the regular, but shoes are expected to work with multiple outfits. As such, investing in versatile shoes can elevate any ensemble is crucial. 

For the longest time, I, like many people, tended to gravitate towards neutral shoe colours (read: black), which went with the majority of my clothes. But recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to switch things up and inject some colour into my shoe collection, especially as we approach the warmer months. This got me thinking, are there shoe colours that can go with anything besides black? I decided to do some research and, in the process, discovered six shoe colours that go with everything (and I mean everything).

Whether you’re a classicist or someone with an eye for playful pieces, these shoe colours will add more personality and versatility to your outfits than you ever thought possible. Without further ado, here are the six shoe colours that really do go with everything.

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