I let this Mac app record everything I do — now I can search through my own life

We look at more content on our computers than we can remember. Documents, emails, social media posts, online articles, meeting notes, Slack texts — there’s endless suppply of text waiting for us to consume each day on our Macs. So it’s no surprise we can barely recall a fraction of it. It doesn’t help when something does slip our minds, it’s all scattered across dozens of apps and is often impossible to track down based on a couple of keywords from our fleeting memories. But what if you could “Google” your memory? 

That’s the idea behind Rewind, a new Mac utility that likes to bill itself as the “search engine for your life.” You can think of it as a modern-day memex, a hypothetical device conceived in the 1940s to function as an “enlarged intimate supplement” to one’s memory. 

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