How to survive mercury retrograde: Your ultimate tool kit

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  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

    You’d have had to have been living under a rock to have missed that mercury is in retrograde. Many believe that the astrological phenomenon brings a season of, in short, bad vibes – poor decision-making, travel delays, and even confusing messages from the likes of your ex. So if you’re wondering how to deal with the onslaught – we’ve got all the reinforcements for you.

    As you’ve likely come to know (and fear), mercury retrograde season quite literally means that the planet starts travelling backwards in the sky. The astrologically inclined believe that down here, we can experience the equivalent – in a word, chaos. (Think being late to a meeting with your boss and then dropping your phone to top it all off, so now you can’t even scroll Instagram through the cracked screen).

    While I try not to expect the worse, five hours into mercury retrograde season, my laptop stopped working and my ex popped up on my now cracked phone screen. Yes, really… So I’m not inclined to think of it as a coincidence anymore.

    Alongside the Autumn Equinox (which is this week) and the New Moon (coming your way soon), this marks the third mercury in retrograde this year. You might think you’d be more prepared for chaos by now, but let’s be honest: no one likes things taking a turn for the worse (or things breaking).

    It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The good news? There are plenty of ways to cope with mercury being in retrograde, including this tool-kit-come-survival-guide we’ve pulled together for you.

    As much as we’d all love to hibernate indoors and curl up reading some of the best autumn books until it’s over, life goes on. So instead, we’ve rounded up the best protection for your tech (yes, tech is meant to go awry during this time), self-care tools to soothe your soul, and calming positivity products, to boot.

    Mercury retrograde ends on 2nd October – shop our favourite products to get you through below. Happy shopping. And, breathe…

    How to survive mercury retrograde: your survival kit

    As astrologers Aliza Kelly and Sophie Saint Thomas explained to Allure magazine, we’re now entering the second half of mercury being in retrograde, which makes things even more intense. If you experience anxiety symptoms, do make sure to check in with a therapist (read our guide on how to find a therapist, here).

    Or, if you’re just keen to boost self-care in prep, scroll the below.

    Protect the tech

    Tired of broken phone screens, chargers and laptops failing? The below might help.

    London Phone Case, £85 | Aspinal of London 
    Skip out on mercury retrograde’s broken screen curse and carry both your phone (iPhone and Android compatible) and card essentials while on the move. Handcrafted from the finest leather and lined with moiré silk, your phone will stay protected in the most beautiful way. You can add your initials for a personal touch too.

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    Ateljé Candy Short Phone Charm, was £20, now £10 | Urban Outfitters
    Y2K is making a comeback, with even Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid bringing the phone charm back. Not only are they super cute, but they help protect your tech from dropping too.

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    Two Ultra Slim Portable Charger Power Banks, £13.99 | Amazon
    The last thing we need in this time of communication chaos is to be out and about with 1% battery. Keep a portable charger (or two) charged up and ready to go, so you never miss that all important text.

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    Night Sky Laptop Case, £20 | SkinnyDip
    Keep your laptop safe with this ultra-protective case. Taking no chances with any laptop failures, this case is cushioned inside for maximum protection, with a super cute cosmic print too.

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    Make self-care a priority

    With all the cosmic drama going on up there, making you feel out of sorts down here, utilising your go-to self-care ideas has never been more important. Make yourself a priority by allowing time for meditation and a cheeky face mask (or two).

    Mushroom Cacao Super Blend, £39.99 | Dirtea
    This is not your average hot chocolate – far from it. This is super-boosted cacao designed to calm and relax and includes soothing Reishi and Ashwagandha shrooms, antioxidant lacuma, and anti-inflammatory Cylon cinnamon. It’s quite literally a hug in a mug that Health Editor Ally Head swears by.

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    Calm the chaos cards, £18 | Free People
    Start your day right or calm the chaos mid-day with a positive affirmation. Find peace and clarity with 65 cards including exercises for mindfully, grounding and gratitude. Mercury retrograde causing workplace dramas? You might want to try bringing the cards out at lunchtime to bring some peace.

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    Psychic Sisters Rose Quartz Gui Sha facial wand, £25 | Selfridges 
    Release the tension of a long day with your favourite oil or serum, using the Gui Sha facial wand to release tension around your face and neck. Some believe Rose Quartz promotes feelings of peace, making this the ultimate self care tool.

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    Cleanse your space

    You can feel the vibe is off, and need to somehow bring it back. This is where soothing scents come in – an easy way to calm your mind and boost your mood. Bring on the candles, diffusers and sage sticks.

    Real Luxury Pod Mini Starter Pack, £65 | Neom
    Essential oils are known to make you relax and bring a sense of calm. Imagine being able to bring that around with you. Well, now you can, with a portable diffuser. Neom’s De-Stress oil makes me feel calm just thinking about it. Top tip: take this with you into the office and have a stress-free day.

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    Psychic Sisters Sage Sticks, £6.95 | Holland & Barrett 
    The ultimate space cleanser, that can be used during mercury retrograde and beyond. Simply burn and feel any negative energy disappear. For centuries, burning sage has been used as a spiritual ritual to cleanse spaces and promote healing. Let’s hope they were on to something.

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    Himalayan Salt Lamp, £25 | Urban Outfitters 
    Some say a Himalayan salt lamp can purify the air. Although the theory hasn’t been tested,  what it certainly will do is bring a beautiful ambience and will illuminate a space with a warm glow.

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    Treat yourself

    If mercury retrograde is causing you complete chaos, then you definitely deserve a little treat, or two.

    Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette, £46.40 | FeelUnique 
    The bright shades, the pigment and of course its name – the perfect eyeshadow palette. It’s Huda Beauty so the shadow will be long-lasting, fortunately not as long as mercury is in retrograde.

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    Glacce Amethyst Glass Water Bottle, was £100, now £40 | Luisaviaroma
    Apparently, water spills on tech are more prominent during this time. We can only hope the good vibes from this water bottle will stop any laptop breaking spillages. The Amethyst crystal in this bottle is said to be a stone of balance and protection – just what we need.

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