How to Pull Off Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

“I love your jewelry” is one of the best compliments someone can give you in my books. You see, wardrobes go in and out of style, and bad-skin days happen, but diamonds are forever. It’s an unspoken truth that every jewelry lover knows; we understand that nothing else can make you feel shiny and new again. And while most of us agree on the power of a few great pieces, we don’t all agree on one styling method in this community: mixing metals in jewelry.

Wearing silver, gold, and other metals together was once deemed a fashion faux pas, but that’s slowly changing. Whether it’s via viral jewelry trends or demi-fine jewelry brands, we’ve seen a surprising embrace of mixed-metal pieces across the board that have made this “breach” in jewelry traditions the new norm. But if you’re unsure how to wear gold and silver together, you’ll want to keep reading, as I’ve highlighted 10 styling hacks that will make mixing metals all the more stylish. Plus, I’ve shopped out the pieces you’ll need to pull off this look and attract compliments in the process. 

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