How to Build the Perfect Wardrobe, From a Nordstrom Stylist

“I categorize everything in my wardrobe by fashion vs. basics. A basic is the ground floor of all my outfits. Black trousers, black skirts, moto jackets, turtlenecks, silk button-ups, denim, and boots are all my basics. Keep all my basics within my color story to ensure I can mix and match everything to create new outfits. This adds so much value to each piece because I know I can wear everything in at least five different ways. Every time I look to shop for my basics, I ask myself ‘Will I feel amazing in this?’ If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then I move on.I tailor any of my basics that need it. If I am wearing a pant at least once a week, I want the fit to be perfect. Many times, your basics will feel like boring pieces, but this is where I recommend investing in your wardrobe. I find myself pulling silk button-ups, wide skirts, and large-soled boots almost every morning because I feel amazing in them and so these are items I will invest in.

Fashion pieces are where I play with color and trend. For example, this year pink is a really trendy color that I want to play with. I can purchase a low-price point pink sweater, jacket, and scarf for less than $200. Now, I can use just thre items to work a pop of pink into all of my black and white outfits. I probably won’t tailor my fashion pieces or invest in a high price point in this category. I know I will probably only wear this color for one season, so I keep it minimal and fun. I will lean into the trend by doing my nails to match and maybe grabbing a fun lip color to coordinate with the look. This might be a category where you find a statement shoe, a trendy bag, or even a loud blouse.  However, even when shopping fashion/trend pieces, always make sure it is true to your personal style so you can continue to wear it after the trend dies down.” — Pilorge

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