Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm Review 2022

One reviewer, Gina, heard rave reviews about the chafing balm for quite some time but still doubted its efficacy. After purchasing the smallest size available, she gave it a go. “This morning I applied the balm to my inner thighs under a sundress and spent a day walking around in the heat and sunshine; it was hot, and I was sweating, but miraculously, my thighs felt fine!” Gina even went on to explain that the anti-chafe balm continued working eight hours into her day. Others seem to have echoed similar thoughts. Another Amazon customer explained that the product has worked better than anything else. “In the past, I’ve tried baby powder and deodorant for chafing, but they have never lasted more than a few hours. This body glide stuff actually lasted, and I literally felt NO tenderness in my inner thighs by the end of the day.” One person even mentioned that they use Body Glide during their daily 10-mile walks (sheesh) to remain “completely chafe free.”

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