8 easy Halloween costumes you can make with clothes you already own

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    Halloween is just around the corner and while it can be tempting to purchase a ready-made costume online or invest in a few bits that you’ll never wear again, here at Marie Claire, we’re taking a more practical approach to the dress-up event. In fact, there are several easy Halloween costumes that you can likely make using items you already own.


    Do you have a black roll neck and blazer sitting in your closet? You can emulate Elizabeth Holmes. Own a baggy t-shirt and Converse high-tops? Rue from Euphoria has your name all over it. Are you a fan of the colour pink? You can dress as a Valentino model.

    Naughty nurses and policewomen need not apply, these easy Halloween costume ideas come fashion editor-approved and will save you from purchasing something you’ll never wear again. Think of this as the lazy girl’s guide to Halloween.

    If you own a mini skirt + cable knit jumper, you can be a Miu Miu model

    Undeniably one of the biggest fashion moments this year, the Miu Miu set was so popular it even garnered its own Instagram account. This look can easily be recreated as a Halloween costume (in a more demure way) with the use of a neutral shade cable knit jumper and mini skirt. No bare belly button required.

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    If you own low-rise jeans + a denim jacket, you can dress as Julia Fox

    Thanks to her brief romance with Kanye West, Italian-American actress Julia Fox became a household name this year. Known for her penchant for anything low-rise, Fox made quite a habit of appearing out and about in statement-making looks. The outfit below is one of Fox’s more practical outfits, which could easily be recreated if you own a denim jacket and jeans. This look relies heavily on the makeup so make sure to add plenty of dramatic eyeliner.

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    If you own an oversize tee + baggy trousers + Converse high-tops, you can be Rue from Euphoria

    Played by actress-in-demand Zendaya, Rue’s look in the hit tv show Euphoria is very understated and therefore quite easy to imitate. Generally, the character is dressed in some combination of an oversize t-shirt, baggy trousers and Converse high-tops. Add a burgundy hoodie to the outfit, if the weather calls for it.


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    If you own a white off-the-shoulder dress, you can channel Bella Hadid at the Coperni finale

    It was the Paris Fashion Week finale that launched a thousand Instagrams. Bella Hadid and the spray-on dress at Coperni was a social media sensation. Thankfully this minimalist look isn’t very complicated to emulate. All you need is a white off-the-shoulder dress or an off-the-shoulder top paired with a white midi skirt.

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    If you own literally anything hot pink, you can be a Valentino model

    From the runway to the red carpet, Valentino pink was omnipresent this year. So much so that the specific colour, Valentino PP Pink has been added to Pantone’s ever-growing list of shades. Everyone from Lizzo to Florence Pugh has been seen in fuchsia-toned looks from the designer and if you own anything in this shade you could also channel Valentino pink. The key is to wear everything pink, all at once. It’s really that simple.

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    If you own a white shirt + pleated skirt, you can dress the Gossip Girl cast

    As anyone who has ever watched Gossip Girl will know, Upper East Siders take their uniform as a mere suggestion, rather than an actual guide to dressing. For most students, the uniform consists of some kind of white shirt and pleated skirt combo, with other items added and retracted as they see fit. Start with the shirt and skirt as a base, and then add a tie or a scarf, a cardigan or a bomber jacket, knee-high boots or sneakers. This is really about making the look unique to you.

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    If you own a black roll neck + black blazer + black trousers, you can emulate Elizabeth Holmes

    From Inventing Anna to The Dropout, 2022 was the year that scammer shows really shone. Elizabeth Holmes, the biotech entrepreneur turned convicted fraudster, was the subject of the latter series and was known for her very specific uniform. Holmes was almost always seen wearing a black roll neck, blazer and black trousers. This look can easily be recreated. Don’t forget to side-part your hair and clip it in a tight, low bun.

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    If you own a long dress + gloves, you can channel Bridgerton

    Ok, bear with me on this one. While I’m well aware not everyone will own an embellished dress and opera gloves, a lot of the Bridgerton costume recreation will be in the hair, makeup and accessories. Put on a puff sleeve, scoop neck dress midi dress and layer up on jewels. The more, the better. Lastly, style your hair into tight curls and pin it up to create an elegant updo. People will be calling you Lady Danbury in no time.

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