7 Things to Wear When the Weather Is Bad

Bad weather—especially in the fall and winter—is inevitable. Call me crazy, but I actually like icky days, and look forward to busting out my all-weather gear for the occasions. I don’t have a huge collection of gross-weather clothes, as I don’t exactly live in Seattle, but I like to keep stylish versions of the essentials on hand for when it’s particularly damp outside. And many of these essentials can certainly be worn with the weather doesn’t suck, so don’t worry about their use being limited.

Below is a list of my go-to gear for when it’s cold and wet outside, and the most stylish versions within each category. From jackets to accessories to the coolest all-weather shoes on the market, these will have you covered (literally) for the rainy season ahead. And many of these items will also work for blustery winter weather. As they say, stay dry out there!


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