7 Affordable Stores Like Lulus

When it comes to the affordable-fashion game, the retailer is definitely at the top of the list, but if you’re looking to expand your repertoire a little, consider a few other brands that are just as stylish and trendy. Sure, you know about the H&Ms and Zaras of the world, but do you know about the other seven brands we’re currently obsessing over? Well, we’re about to share all the need-to-know deets. 

Some are new, while others are tried and true, but they all pack a punch regarding their ability to marry directional trends with our desire to shop on a budget. You can snag basic white tees, blazers, and cute sweater dresses—you really can’t go wrong any way you slice it. And what’s more, affordable stores are the perfect place to shop all the head-turning seasonal trends you’re not quite sure you’re ready to truly invest in. From mass options like Forever 21 to smaller online stores like Storets, here are seven stores that are about to fill your wardrobes.

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