5 Best Gaming Chairs for Big Guys in 2022

Are you big, tall, and a huge fan of games? The usual gaming chair in the markets is usually too cramped for you. It must be hard to sit for long hours in a chair that is not made for your build. This is why it’s smart to grab the best gaming chair for big guys.

Why do gamers need a comfortable chair anyway? Being hooked to Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, etc. means sitting for hours in your chair. Most chairs cannot support 300 pounds of weight for a long time, which is why there are gaming chairs for the big guys as well.

A gaming chair with good back support allows you to play comfortably for a long time, assuring better blood flow and avoiding muscle cramps.

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair Racing Style Chair Ergonomic High Back Office Computer Chair PC Game Desk…

GTRACING Gaming Chair 350 lb Weight Capacity Big and Tall High Back Computer Office Ergonomic Racing…

FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 400lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair – Adjustable Tilt, Back Angle and 3D…

Best Overall

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair Racing Style Chair Ergonomic High Back Office Computer Chair PC Game Desk…

Runner Up

GTRACING Gaming Chair 350 lb Weight Capacity Big and Tall High Back Computer Office Ergonomic Racing…

FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 400lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair – Adjustable Tilt, Back Angle and 3D…

Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys Reviews

Before you go ahead to get your ideal chair, make sure you consider some factors to purchase the right chair to fit your structure. Go for a chair that suits your height and weight limit. The material is an important feature to assess the padding for extra comfort. The base of the chair is another factor that supports big and tall guys.

To make things easy for you, here is a complete list of the best big and tall gaming chairs hand-picked for you.

1. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair Big and Tall 400lbs – Best Overall Big and Tall Gaming Chair

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If you are looking for a chair that meets your ergonomic and comfort needs, this is the one. The thick seat cushion is padded with high-density foam finished with premium PU leather, and moreover, you can adjust the height of the seat which is perfect for heavyweight and tall gamers.

Be it playing, working, or studying for long hours, the steel frame of this chair is built to support your back without any backache.

When it comes to the comfort of the chair, the lumbar cushioning pillow comes with a massage function. You can play games with the assurance that the long hours of sitting will not have any adverse effect on your lower back.

The material of the chair is made of premium PU leather on the outside and the inner cushion is made high-density foam, the perfect pair to make a comfy gaming chair.

While most chairs are hard to assemble, you can put together this chair in an easy 20 minutes, all you have to do is follow the easy-to-read instructions.

Besides the functional attributes, this chair adds to the aesthetic space of the room.


  • Extra thick seat cushion for comfort
  • Adjustable armrest with three positions
  • Good value for money

  • Shallow seat cushions
  • The foam is a bit hard initially

2. Yitahome Gaming Chair – The Runner Up

What makes for a perfect gaming experience? A chair that gives you good back support, has a massage lumbar support pillow and can adjust to your body’s unique dimension is what you need. Look no further, the Yitahome gaming chair has it all.

This massive chair is 22.4 “wide, giving ample space and comfort for a large gamer. The factors that make this seat so cozy even for long hours are the upgraded USB massager in the lumbar support pillow, the high-density sponge, and retractable footrest. You can also set the rocking angle to up to 20 degrees.

Combine the extra width room with the deluxe soft padding and skin-friendly artificial PU leather and you have got yourself the makings of the perfect gaming chair.

The faux leather finish adds to the modern vibe, which will look great next to your consoles.


  • Every part of the chair is adjustable
  • Smooth wheels
  • Wide enough to fit a big framed person

  • The footrest is not built for long legs
  • Plastic armrests can get a bit shaky

3. FANTASYLAB 400lb Gaming Chair

Another great chair to add to your list is the FANTASYLAB gaming chair that is designed to suit your comfort and style.

The material quality is guaranteed to be durable for quite a long time without breaking or bending. The integrated metal frame has a heavy base and explosion-proof gas spring to take on huge weight.

You can adjust the height of the chair according to your height and tilt the headrest 90-175 degree. To adjust the ease of your footholds, the chair comes with a retractable footrest.


  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Good value for money
  • Fine leather finish

  • The footrest cannot take much pressure
  • Assembly of parts may be a bit complicated

4. GTRACING Big and Tall Gamer Chair – ACE L3 LAVA

GTRacing gaming chair - Ace L3 Lava - made for heavy gamers

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Here is a heavy-duty gaming chair with cold-cured foam built to give long-term comfort. The premium PVC leather is skin-friendly and is guaranteed to resist wearing.

The thick metal frame and the strong base provide support up to 300 pounds of weight.

It has multi-function features like adjustable seat height, 360° swivel, 90° to 170° reclining, and an advanced mechanism tilt-lock feature as well.

With the unique mechanism of rock and lock function, you can adjust the tension and rock in the chair. You can also set the chair at any angle and lock it.

During the long hours of gaming or work, you can adjust and remove the neck pillow and lumbar pillow if you want. What makes this chair stand out is the adjustable 4D armrest which you can lower, raise, pull forward and backward, and even rotate to adjust to your comfort.

The wide accommodation of the chair allows you to sit for a long time without compromising your back comfort.


  • Adjustable seat height and 4D armrests
  • Breathable premium quality material
  • Very easy to assemble

  • Seat cushion not thick enough
  • Chair width not built for thick thighs

5. GTRACING Gaming Chair With Footrest


Check price (Amazon)

With the combination of looks and functionality, the GTracing gaming chair is perfect for your consoles and your office table as well.

This chair is designed for the pro-gamers and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

This chair has thick cushion padding that adds to an easy sitting for long hours. Ergonomically, this seat provides a good seating position without causing back pain.

You can adjust the seat height and armrest to fit your dimension and remove or add the headrest and lumbar pillow for comfort.

The high-quality PU leather finish adds finesse to the overall looks of the chair and is easy to clean.


  • Easy assembly of parts
  • Footrest is sturdy
  • Comfortable lumbar pillows

  • Armrests are not adjustable enough
  • Not wide enough for thick frame

Big and Tall Gamer Chair Buying Guide

Red gamer chair

Every gaming chair is built with different dimensions, base, materials, and features. It is vital to consider certain factors before you make a purchase. The concern is not just about the money but most importantly about the comfort of your body, as you are going to sit for long hours most of the time.

Before you fill your shopping cart, there are certain factors of a gaming chair you should be paying attention to. In short, select a chair that will suit the seating position of your large frame and heavyweight.

Without further ado, here is a simple buyer’s guide to big and tall gaming chairs before you purchase one.


Keeping in mind your weight and the hours you are going to spend in the chair, it is very important to know its durability. Is the chair ready for the long haul? Pro-gamers need the most tensile chair without compromising their comfort, of course.

Chairs that are specially designed for heavier people need to pass the durability test. Make sure you check it has a strong base to make the chair sturdy to take heavy loads.

Ergonomic Support

What makes a gaming chair stand out is the ergonomic support it gives to your posture. To make sure the chair is good for your body, check the adjustability of the seat height, width, and most importantly the lumbar support.

Long hours of sitting often create long-term problems in the back and spine. You need a chair that eases the pressure on your lower back, which is why a good ergonomic gaming chair is of primary importance.

Weight Capacity And Material

There is a reason why a special gaming chair has been made for heavy people. Considering your weight, you need to watch the capacity of the chair, how much weight it can carry for a long time.

The chair should support an average weight of 300 pounds or higher, which should be enough unless you are on the heavier side. Whatever your weight is, the weight capacity of the chair should be preferably 25 pounds more than your weight.

The risk of getting a chair that can hardly take your weight means straining the stability of the chair. This factor is significant because every gamer needs good support to back him up throughout the game. Sitting for long hours can strain your body if the chair is uncomfortable.

When you are searching for an ideal gaming chair, look for the right material. Leather materials are usually more expensive but it offers durability and also higher resale value. Most gamers usually go for the leather chair for its extra comfort, looks, and smell as well.

Another material option is polyurethane which is cheaper than leather seats but it doesn’t compromise with the design or comfort level.

Big and Tall Gamer Chair FAQS

Finding the right big and tall chairs may not be as simple as one thinks and often buyers have questions regarding the products on the list. Here are some common FAQs answered for your clarity.

How Do You Connect a Bluetooth Gaming Chair To a PS4?

Simply set the control panel to Bluetooth mode and search for your PS4 device. Check with the manufacturer to see if the other device is compatible with your chair or not.

Which Big and Tall Gaming Chair is The Most Comfortable?

An overall scrutinizing of the most comfortable chair would be the GTPLAYER Gaming Chair. Other products are just a fraction away from this chair because of its extra thick seat cushion and premium leather finish.

Can You Use a Gaming Chair as an Office Chair?

Be it playing games for hours or working in the office for a long period, you definitely need a chair that supports your back, neck, arms, and legs.

The similarities between an office chair and a gaming chair make it possible to use them alternatively. Though gaming chairs may not have multiple adjustments and extra padding as that of high-end office chairs, they are still comfortable enough to get the job done.

The only thing that will stand out with your gaming chair in your office is the race car looks. In short, your office chair will be the funkiest looking chair in the room.

Find The Best Big Gaming Chair That’s Right For You

When it comes to buying something that needs commitment, we usually juggle between needs and wants, especially when the budget is not flexible enough. So, there are the extras that you need to consider while buying one, like built-in massagers, audio, Bluetooth, footrests, and so on.

As mentioned, leather is more expensive than other materials, which you may also want to consider. Any material will give you satisfactory texture, design, and comfort, though with leather you get extra durability.

With so many choices in the market, it is not a walk in the park to get the perfect gaming chair for your body size and type. As you consider the physical factors of the chair, it is also crucial to adjust your budget, which is why this article narrows down your search.

When you are between 300 lbs to 400 lbs, it may be confusing to get hold of the right chair that will give you the major basic needs, which are comfort, durability, and value of money. With this comprehensive list, your search for the best gaming chair for big guys stops here.

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