4 Ways to Wear Red Tights That Feel Surprisingly Low Key

If you’re simultaneously obsessed with the latest micro-trends and too intimidated to test them out, you’ve come to the right place. This is Ways to Wear, a monthly series where editor Eliza Huber offers a dose of outfit inspiration centered around current trends that feel intriguing yet overwhelming at the same time. Consider it your guide to actually wearing the coolest items of the moment, no matter how puzzling they might appear at first.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with fashion month will back me when I say that the color red is impossible to escape. From the streets outside of shows to the collections presented at them, the bold shade has become practically synonymous with the fall/winter 2023 season. And while the handbags, heels, dresses, and more that’ve been dyed a bright-red hue of late are certainly tempting, there’s one genre that’s particularly intriguing: red hosiery. 

If you’d have asked me six months ago if I’d be able to style red tights or socks with the contents of my wardrobe, I’d probably have scoffed in your face (sorry). But after lots of image research and hours of test-driving different outfit combinations, I came to the realization that the accessories in question weren’t as intimidating as I initially thought. In fact, they’re quite easy to incorporate into any outfit once you get the hang of them. 

To put to rest any red tights- or socks-related qualms or hesitations once and for all, I decided to document four ways I styled them for NYFW runway shows and casual office days alike. My prediction? Before long, red hosiery of all kinds won’t just be ubiquitous during fashion month. It’ll be everywhere, all the time. And I, for one, am absolutely here for it. 

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