36 Zara, H&M and Mango Items That Are Expensive Looking

Gone are the days of multi-layered outfits curated around warmth and water-proofing. with coats and scarves as the focal point. Warmer, or at least brighter days have returned as we mill between spring and summer, and as we shed our heavy outer layers a new focus is placed on our base layers. Trousers, vests, light jumpers and jackets are unveiled now that our ankle-length puffer coats are back in storage. 

And while I’m not one to endlessly buy new items every time the weather changes, I do enjoy looking at new-in summer items—a lot. It takes a great deal of research to find the best top or skirt that can stand alone on warmer days. And with so many choices around it’s actually overwhelming to know where to begin, and that’s where my time spent scrolling will benefit you.

There are a few affordable stores that are embracing all things summer and doing it very well. ZaraH&M and Mango are teeming with pieces that are expensive-looking and chic—aka the types of investment items you can quickly get use out of this summer but also for many seasons to come. Below are some long-lasting shopping picks that are classic enough to weave into any year, whatever the trends. Keep scrolling to see the key items I’d recommend from the hundreds and thousands that are currently available…

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