15 Jean-Jacket Outfits That Are Effortlessly Cool

No matter the season or the reigning trends, there is one tried-and-true outerwear staple: the jean jacket. The classic denim piece is great for every season, from chilly summer nights to giving a winter look a cool layered touch. Not only is a jean jacket versatile when it comes to the weather, the same is true for styling possibilities as well—the outfit ideas are endless.

Below are 15 cool jean-jacket outfit ideas that caught my eye on Instagram. Thankfully, there is something for every personal style, plus you’ll get fashion girl-approved insight on how to pair a denim jacket with everything from jeans to dresses. Whether you’re going for a minimalist feel like Tylynn Nguyen in her light wash denim-on-denim look or you want a polished vacation-ready way to wear a white denim jacket (oh, hi, Emma Hoareau!), these looks have got you covered. Keep scrolling to discover your favorite.

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